Indecision Is The Worst Decision

Close your eyes and take the leap. It’s better than doing nothing.

Martin Uhnak
2 min readSep 10, 2018


by Nick

Being completely confident about a decision will never make it right. The only way to find out is to take the decision and bear the consequences. It means taking responsibility. And as Jordan Peterson argues persuasively, the amount of meaning in life is proportionate to the amount of responsibility you’re willing to take on.

I once worked at a company where we would take more than six months to decide on specific issues. No one wanted to take the decision, and often it wasn’t clear who was in charge of taking it. It was just sitting there, in the to-do column, making everyone nervous.

It should’ve been done a long time ago, but we were afraid to take action, and it was preventing us to take more action.

Noone needs this sort of pressure in their life. If you want to do good work, creative and original work, your mind has to be clear. There can’t be walls of overdue tasks lurking in the back of your head. It will show up when you need to focus and throw you off track.

And jeopardize the work you’re trying to protect by obsessing this decision.

“Trust is the active engagement with the unknown. Trust is risky. It’s vulnerable.”

Esther Perel

You must trust yourself. You’re in this position because you’ve been doing good choices. Take the leap and believe that you’re making the right one. Get it over with and:

Do more. Work harder.

Take it and go back to work. Get it over it with, scratch it off the list. Do more work, and even if it turns out wrong, you will have to handle it. But you’re able to exhibit ownership.

You did what you did, and you know why you did it. No regrets.

“I genuinely believe that every person on this planet has a sense of intuition. And it’s learning how to separate that from fear, or anxiety, or panic, and really listening to your gut. I think that’s what has gotten me to where I am today.”

Whitney Wolfe on The Tim Ferris Show

When it gets too hard and when you’re too deep into the data,

Trust your gut.

Your intuition is better than you think.